Friday, May 17, 2013

Negative Reviews

Hey folks!

I think some of you have noticed that I've received my first negative reviews. Isn't this GREAT! I mean seriously, when YOU are trying to decide what book or product to buy, what do you read first? The negative reviews right? And what if you see a product with only 5 star reviews? Staged right? I'm excited to have these reviews. I feel it's a milestone in my career. Actually, when I get my first 1 star review, I'm having a party. It's going to be epic.

So, as loyal fans, this is what I need from you. Please do not vote down the negative reviews. This does not reflect positively on me as an author or you as fans.

Of course if the review is blatantly false, like they say: When the space aliens started showing up, I really got confused. or The southern dialect written into the main characters was hard to read.  Feel free to leave a comment to enlighten readers.

But if they just don't agree with you: The romance was boring. or the Plot was tired. Just leave it alone.

I really appreciate you guys enthusiasm. Please direct it at telling your friends how great Fate War: Alliance is! LOL!

You're honored and humbled Author friend.

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