Monday, February 10, 2014

Promo - One With the Wind by Jane Livingston

About the Book

Romantic Comedy / Erotic
Date Published: 9/2013

What starts as a crush can become one’s love of a lifetime. It is the fantasy that transcends all others—
the one perfect love.

Tomboy Josie Hynes has admired Nick Markovich from afar for years, but it isn’t until her senior year in high school do they finally meet. At first Josie is put off by Nick’s brutal honesty and his offbeat sense of humor, but it is their physical attraction she cannot deny. Nick and Josie stumble into a passionate love affair with a connection so strong, separation is unbearable. Throughout the years, Together become one—one with the good times and the bad, one with happiness and sadness, one with laughter and tears, one with sickness and health — one with the wind.

About the Author

Jane Livingston

“One with the Wind” is the first erotic novel I have published. I have read several others, but the standout for me was Anais Nin’s “Little Birds.” Personally, i wanted to do something different; I wanted to explore one couple’s intimacy throughout the stages of their life and how they kept the fire going through good times and bad times. I fell deeply in love iwth both characters and don’t be surprised if you find more of them someday.

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