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EM's Review and Interview: Succbus Tear by Andreas Wiesemann

About the Book

“I, no—I mean, I was speaking to someone else,” Cain blurted. 

The winged woman lowered her face as it filled with desperate longing and horrible resignation. “I understand.” She raised her eyes to Cain. He could see her tears pour upon her face. “I am so sorry that you had to endure this intrusion of my hell into your perception. Forgive me, I will not hold you here.” She turned around and started to walk away. 

A harsh internal turmoil erupted in Cain. He felt her despair and desperation flow over his reluctance and selfishness like a wave crumbles a wall of sand. 

It’s just a dream, right? I can live with condemning a figment of my imagination, right? 


The place where the world, and all its knowledge ends, is the place where the wonderment of Faith begins. 
And where they meet, is often the place where the greatest stories of love, redemption, and life are formed and shaped. 
In this story we follow Cain Lamentson, an Atheist paired, and Bound to a Succubus he named Al'bah. 

Together, they will be the herald of a destiny transcending everything either of them knew. A story that goes beyond. From the depths and darkness of hate, and pride. To the heights of Faith and true love..

Interview with Andreas Wiesemann

EM: Andreas, tell us a little about yourself

A: (chuckles)

Ah man.... how does one tell others who they are, and why they are important?
That kinda reminds me about character writing.

I suppose there are three elements to me that would matter.
I am a dreamer
I am a Pisces
And, I am a Christian.

As a dreamer, I look upon the world through the eyes of wonderment, and imagination. I see more what I want to see, than what is really there. This leaves many to declare me 'being crazy'... but in a good way.
My heart is on my sleeve, unashamed, and unafraid. I present the best parts of me alongside with the worst, and let one decide if knowing my story (me/my life) is worth the read.

Being a dreamer, and a Pisces is usually one and the same. But, in my case I am classified as the atypical Pisces. I am the strong fish that swims against the flow. I test the barriers, and cast my thoughts into the vast stretches of imagination... all to see where the boundaries of ability and thought are, and crash against them to see what is on the other side.
Foolish as it would seem to struggle against impenetrable barriers, but, in the end, I have never moved against the grain of the way my soul sings its chorus to the world, and existence.

Being a Christian means, for the mainstream, that I am a fool.
For my faith, I have been hurled most every insult conceivable. It brings a heavy sigh to both heart, and lungs. For I have seen the stars. 
I am not talking about the stars one might see from the backyard on a clear night. 
I mean the stars one sees in the middle of the ocean, with no city lights for hundreds of miles.
For that moment, it was easy to understand why humanity could so easily believe in something other than themselves, having sovereignty over them.... long, long ago.
These days, seems like the glory of man tries so hard to overwhelm the glory of the Heavens. And it is not to man's credit, in my opinion.

EM: Well said! Since you brought it up already, my first question pertains to pairing Christian beliefs and Succubus. One might automatically think your book nothing other than erotica the way the Succubi  are normally treated in literature. Is your portrayal of Al'bah, the Succubus, in your book derived from your own imagination or are there more widely held beliefs about the Succubi being angels of some sort that you pulled from?  

A: Ah,
What a quagmire that is, isn't it?
In truth, I have never come across any positive literature that is from the era of the first appearance of the Succubi mythos.

So, the personality of Al'bah, the succubus in my story is essentially something I pieced together.
But, I pieced it together in what I like to think is a unique way.

I actually had a rather heated debate with a more traditionalist Christian who condemned my inclusion of a Succubus in a 'Christian' novel.
I write my paraphrased response here.

"If one considers that everything was made by God, one must also concede that God made things with a divine purpose.

When we take Lucifer, as a fallen angel... we must also take into account that there was an original purpose that he "fell" from.

In my opinion Succubi, are no different. Though the Bible does not mention Succubi, they are widely regarded as embodiment of lust, and promiscuity.
I like to think that Succubi, in their original divine purpose were the embodiment of love, and faithfulness."

And, truth be told, I am not the only one who views Succubi, in this light. Tera, "The queen of Succubi" ( found my novel to be quite special, and enjoyed it a great deal. 
Excellent question!

EM: I think you have drawn a very original view of the Succubi myth, one that fantasy readers, both Christian and non, will enjoy. Succubus Tear is your first novel. What spurred you into writing it?

A: (deep sigh)

What spurred me to write this novel?
A lot of things,
At the time I wrote Succubus Tear, I was attending school 40hrs a week, and working 36hrs a week.
Considering drive time (2hrs+) and homework, I never got more than 5 hours of sleep a night for a year!

I often sigh and shake my head when my friends and co-workers tell me they don't have the time to read my novel.
I often respond 'I was busier, and I had time to WRITE it!'


What was it.....
It was a need, a demand my soul had upon my fingers.
It was a love that I wanted to have, and wanted others to have as well.
It was a story for its own sake. A story meant to reveal God to others.
My desperate attempt to treat the stress I was under.
The letters, and words were tears that I could not shed, and sighs that were in vain.

The weight of overwhelming burdens one life can hold, to at last break down a barrier that bled a maelstrom of emotion and words.
Carrying with it, elements from every love story I ever knew, and dreamed of.

Perhaps, in the end... it is the one part of me that I could share with the world. The one part of me that will continue long after I am gone.

EM: It sounds like Succubus Tear is truly part of you, a legacy. Do you think you have it in you to write another "love"?

A: Of course I could.

But I would need just as great a inspiration of love.

Either the lack of, or the fulfillment of.

EM: So now for the really important questions...

Hard copy or ebook?

A: Hard copy.
Without question.

I know it seems like kinda a hypocritical thing, considering Succubus Tear is an ebook. (for now)
But, I will say I carry a hand made copy with me everywhere I go.

And to anticipate the next question...
The reason why I prefer hard copy might be...rather odd.

I remember browsing libraries of most cities I ever lived in.
And college.

I have seen books that were not touched for longer than I have been alive. It always amazes me to touch the page. To see the author's name.
To read the name of the person on the "library card" who checked out "Moon's Glory" in 1964...eighteen years before I was born.
In those days, to have a published "book" was a greater accomplishment than today. 

These days, data and text is so fleeting. 
I like to think all authors *want* their books in print. To touch and feel the result of their work. 
Even so, I have a unique insight to this concept as I *hand-bound* several copies of my first novel. 
It was a learning process, but a joyful one at that.
And more than that... I think the author blesses the reader who understand this truth as well.

Imagine the scribe who penned a book by hand.
Or when typewriters were in existence.
The materials needed to craft and form such a work of art.... all to tell a story, or to inform.
To convey something to someone else. 

That an object appearing to be so actually so much more.
That is the very nature of telling a story. And that is why I will always love holding a book in my hands, than any electronic medium.

EM: Cats or dogs?

A: I've had the pleasure to own both.
But, I found out I don't want to own another pet, any pet. Never gave much thought as to why.
Although, if I had no choice, I'd say dog. Dogs can and will do things cats can't or wont.

EM: Sketchers or Converse?

A: Hmmm,
I have Avia shoes (Wal-mart)
Never owned either brand.
But, I like the look of sketchers better.

EM: Broccoli or beans?

A: Aren't both famous for giving you gas?
beans, you can do so much more with em, and there are so many varieties and types.
Favorite = *fresh* green bean

EM: Yes. Yes they are.
Thanks Andrea for taking the time to readers know a little more about you. Good luck with Succubus Tear!

My Review

It's hard to know where to start with Succubus Tear. It is truly unlike anything I've ever read. When I started the book, I thought it would probably be the same old spin on a Paranormal Romance. But I was so wrong in such a good way. Succubus Tear is about the struggle of a man to understand love and and "all loving" creature to come to terms with the love she feels she can not attain.

Together, Cain and Al'bah embark on an action filled journey. Through the adventure, readers are given a glimpse of their souls. Not only are these two characters drawn exquisitely, but all the supporting characters are vibrant and believable as well. It is fast paced and thought provoking.  

I always like to give pros and cons of a book, because there are always cons, but I can't seem to find any for Succubus Tear. I wasn't fond of some of the less developed sketches I guess, but that really doesn't reflect on the story!

This book is for older YA and up as there is some language, sexual themes, and some pretty heavy duty soul searching that younger kids either need guidance or would just find boring. But any fantasy, paranormal junkie will enjoy Succubus Tear. While there are theological themes in this book, I think both religious and non can enjoy the story for the story itself. It poses some questions that will have both sides of the abyss thinking.

Succubus Tear is a well written, unique story that will stay with you for quite a while.

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