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KL Reviews - Summoned by Rainy Kaye

About the Book

Paranormal Romance
Date Published: 3/28/2014

Twenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told—literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.

Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd—assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd—he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can't tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn't the type to tolerate secrets.

Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl's ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming—the wish that will destroy him.

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           I dislike having to murder someone. Kidnapping is worse. At least when I setup a kill, I know what's coming. No connections, no honesty, no surprises. Everything I say and do are just steps to luring in my victim. Once the victim falls right into the trap, the next move is swift: crushed windpipe, fatal concussion, or a good ol' fashioned headshot.

            Kidnapping, on the other hand, is a little trickier. First, the victim has an opportunity to respond. I don't like this. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they manage to alert the authorities. And sometimes they escape, usually by inflicting bodily harm on me.

            Dead people don't retaliate. Kidnapped ones, well, they're a little more . . . lively.

            The second major difference between killing and kidnapping is my conscience. I get in and out with a kill. We have no chance to bond.

            Abductees require a little more one-on-one. As much as I try to keep the switch turned off, I can't help but listen to their pleas and demands. And I usually realize I'm a jerk.

            That's exactly where I find myself one late afternoon in June. I prefer doing this at night, but moreover, I would prefer not doing this at all.

            Instead, I have a belligerent nine year old girl sitting in the passenger seat of my Honda Accord, shackles on her wrists and ankles and a small stuffed bunny on her lap. She's eying me in a way that makes me self-conscious. Like I'm the bad guy.

            Probably because I am the bad guy.

KL's Review

Review for Summoned

Despite the blatant referral to Disney’s Aladin, this is definitely not your blue funny friend.  Nor is he the three wish giving genie with magical powers and living in a bottle.   Dimitri is just the next in line to inherit the bond to the master of the family that holds him.  He spends his life doing the will of his master who has but to summon him at will and end all requests with “This I wish”.  It might not be such a terrible life except that every wish Dimitri’s master has is to kill or steal in order for him to continue accumulating his enormous wealth.  Though Dimitri is not happy with his life, he has never been ready to walk away until Syd enters his life.  This one night stand becomes the love of his life and his reason for daring to defy the wish of his master. 

I can say that I have never read a paranormal romance about Jinn, and that is what intrigued me to read this book.  It did not disappoint!  I thoroughly enjoyed delving into this mystical realm that takes you way beyond where Robin Williams took genies.  I loved the concept, and there was definitely a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.  I knew there was going to be one and all was going to be “happily ever after”, but I could never figure out how it was going to happen until right when it did.  Sorry for being cryptic, but I hate giving spoilers.  If you want to know, read it for yourself.

I did have a hard time connecting with the characters as I felt they sometimes did or said things they didn’t seem to fit the profile I had envisioned of them.  Some of Dimitri’s wish fulfillments seemed very farfetched, especially considering that he really did not have any special powers.  There were also a few typos, but not anything to make you want to not finish it.

Overall, definitely a fun adult read!  Again, this is not Disney, and there are explicit scenes.  If you are looking for a new and original paranormal romance, then this should be your next read.

About the Author

Rainy Kaye


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