Thursday, March 21, 2013

4 Days to Blog tour!...What IS a blog tour?

We're almost there.

Some of you have asked, what exactly a blog tour is. I think I've explained, but if you notice, there are some new things on my blog today that announce the blog tour.  If you click on  the banner or the button it will take you to my tour schedule.  Maybe this will help you better understand.  Each of the websites listed on the schedule review books. My book will be featured on their blog the day it's listed. Some days I will be reviewed, some days I'll be interviewed, and some days I'll be a guest poster. Notice the days that say "promo". Those will be opportunities to win books and an Amazon gift card! I am not above bribery.

Here is an excerpt from my guest blog post entitled "Identifying Problems With Your Writing":

I adore alliteration. I just can’t contain myself. It simply slips unseen into my story. My writing is wrought with the woeful words. My critiquers cringe at my crazy combinations that begin with the same sounds. Reviewers rant about the rampant rhymes.

My love of literature kindled in kindergarten when I was awakened to the world of rhyme. I’m sure it started there, my accursed alliteration affinity. It just feels fluid the way the words wrap and wind around each other. But it’s far more than the feel.  Alliteration can make a slithering snack hiss, or a bumbling bumblebee buzz. Don’t get me started on the cacophonous cackling of crows.


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