Saturday, March 30, 2013

Movie/Book Review - The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I'm always skeptical going into watch a movie after I've read the book. I don't think I've ever been to a movie that lived up to the novel. The Host is no different.'s boring...the movie not the book.

The book was a fantastic science fiction romance. *Spoiler Alert* But my favorite parts were the forays into the other worlds settled by the aliens. It really added the intrigue that the story needed to hold together. The movie didn't even touch on this. It didn't even go in to much about how the rebels were surviving. In short, it was just a lack luster weird romance. I'm glad I saw it at the Warren (Movie/Restaurant). A warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream served right at your seat makes everything better.


  1. I loved the book! I was afraid the movie would not be able to hold up anywhere near the book.

  2. Yeah...I was wondering how they were even going to do it and it just turned out weird and hokey. I felt like the best parts were left out. The romance was even dull and in the book it was all BAM! ZING! Great book...boring movie. There isn't even great cinematography that would warrant seeing it on big screen.

  3. I'll just save my pennies and catch it on video. Thanks for the warning. :)