Monday, March 11, 2013

What do ya do with a Slaggin' Pirate!?!?


Fate War: Alliance has been pirated and is available for free on rogue websites. Beware, some of these sites are malicious and will also download a virus with the book.

So why am I doing nothing? Well, the people who steal others intellectual work would never have paid for it to begin with, BUT they may like it and tell their honorable friends....if they have honorable friends, who might buy it.

I'd like to take a moment to talk about piracy though.  Most people feel it's ok to download pirated books, music, and movies.  They think no one gets hurt.  They have never known an artist then.

The time, energy, sheer mental power, and sacrifice that has gone into their work is as valuable as the 9-5 the thieves may or may not put in. Artists have the same needs as everyone else, food, water, shelter, all of which may depend on even $.99 per book.  they have families that have missed them while they put in long hours completing their work.

Though I'm a little flattered that I've already been deemed worthy of theft by the slaggin' ashpans.

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