Monday, March 4, 2013

The Numbers

Why in the world would one give away a book they wrote? Do you know the personal and physical sacrifice that went into it? Yet still...that's what I did. The idea is, that giving it away makes it a no-risk investment. Hopefully those people will like it, leave a review, and tell their friends.  Then their friends will buy it. It also gives you visibility and creates a buzz.

My goal was to give away 1000 copies of Fate War: Alliance this weekend.  here are the numbers:

USA - 1273
UK - 105
Germany - 38
France - 6
Spain - 1
Italy - 5
Japan - 3
Canada - 16

For a grand total of: 1447!!!!!!!!!!

That's quite a buzz for a first time author I would say.

My book is now on 10 shelves over at Goodreads and that, in and of itself, is a pretty good start, and it's all due to giving away my book.

I'd like to thank Juan Gutierrez for marketing for me. He obviously did a good job.

You can check out his book here:

It's vulgar, crass, inappropriate and outright disgusting. But you'll laugh.

Thanks everyone!!!

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