Friday, September 20, 2013

Get to Know KL

What You Need to Know

1. I’m the baby sister.  I’m whinny, I’m spoiled, and I like to get my way.

2. My sisters beat me on purpose at games when we were growing up just so that they could make me cry.  True story.

3. I used to tie myself up when playing imaginary games as a child.  The game was called “Capture”.  Fortunately, I was always able to get away.

4. I once blew up a can of chili in the oven.  Long story…nobody was hurt.

5. I’m a fiction glutton.  I will read almost anything, and it has to be really, really, REALLY bad for me to say I didn’t like it.  Or just not a genre that I’m particularly interested in (like that Truman Capote book about the murdering, BLECH!)

6. Anne Shirley is my fictional mentor.  I’ve even died my hair red on several occasions just to be more like her.

7. My love of reading eventually lead me to teach middle school reading for 6 years. I now teach pre-K 4.  The only difference is that you just have to make sure the 4 year olds go to the bathroom and occasionally you have to help one wipe.

8. I married the outdoorsman of my dreams, and we have two boys.

9. I helped E.M. edit Fate Wars.  So you can blame me for all of the typos and grammar mistakes.

10. My sisters, E.M. and A.L., are my real mentors and best friends.  They are two of the best women I know, and I hope that I can be just a little like them.  Cheesy, but true.

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