Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Man Nipple

Made ya look!  I bet this post gets like ten times more views than any other.

But seriously, I'd like to take a moment to discuss the nipple on yesterday's post. Firstly, because I think it's funny that every time I use the word nipple, some of you are cringing...every.time. And that makes my day. Nipple.

And to those who shall remain nameless (KL), who took issue with said nipple...well I just think that's funny too. I mean...forest for trees anyone? Quit looking at the trees cause your missin' the forest. And it's a pretty nice forest. Nipple.

One more thing. Before you go criticizing a perfectly fine nipple, you might think about the owner of the nipple. He could be overly sensitive about his nipples. Your harshness and teasing might cause him to be hardened towards you or even his career.  His ego could really take a lickin'. That would really suck.

So just to let you know, from time to time I will be doing these cover reveals and promo blitzes. Sometimes they might contain man nipples. I won't post anything too raunchy though.

And one last thing....



  1. And this would be just another one of the many reasons I LOVE you!!!

  2. I love you too Marla!!! Miss you guys like crazy.

  3. I slammed face first into the tree while trying to enjoy the forest...and besides, all I said was that it made me uncomfortable, I didn't say I didn't like it...