Friday, September 6, 2013

New Look...New Voices!

I'm still tweaking the look of the website, but what do you think so far?

Along with the blog's face lift, I've added some new features. I hope you checked out the "Read With Me" tab. There will be lots more books there in the future. I encourage you to grab a copy of Miles Cressman's Dream Metropolis. I started it last night, and it's very unique. I like non-formulaic books, and this one definitely falls in that realm. You read with me, and we can discuss!

So now that we have a new look and new features, I'm also going to add some new voices! YAY!

Everyone welcome my sisters, A.L. and K.L.  Or as they would like to be known, Pretty Sister Number One and Supah K...or Sweet Baby K, she can't make up her mind. We'll stick with A.L. and K.L. for now. They are not authors...yet...but they are avid readers. K.L. was a reading teacher for many years and has an unrivaled love of literature. A.L. loves to get lost in a good romance or zombie book...or maybe a werewolf fantasy. You name it...she'll read it...and let you know in so many words if it was worth her time.

They're both going to be joining me and have guest posts going while I'm on vacation in a few weeks. After that, look for their opinionated opinions about the books they are reading and stimulating interviews with the authors. I guarantee they will shoot you straight!


  1. Or we'll just shoot you, LOL! Can't wait to get started!