Thursday, September 5, 2013

Read with me!

How do you like the way things are shaping up on my blog? Please...let me know.

You may have noticed another new tab. Look...right up there in the tab says "Read with Me".

When you get done reading this blog post go click it and take a look!

I'll be posting books there that I'm reading for review and interview. I hope you will download them and read along with me. Then you can leave comments on my review about how you felt about the book. There will also be "read by" dates. This is when the review will go up, so you know how quickly you need to read a book.

I'll also have a "questions by" date. This is when I'll be doing the author interview and if you would like to ask the author a question, I might included it!

How much fun is this going to be!

Leave me a note if  you are going to read Miles Cressman's The Dream Metropolis with me.

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